Catherine has been invited to participate in a multitude of events over her career.

Her designs and work have won numerous awards in national and international shows, fairs, and festivals.

Follow the link below to visit Catherine's Gallery.  

The Gallery contains many more examples of her work and designs, both in crystal and in glass.  

The Gallery also contains videos of Catherine creating art, a process amazing to watch.


The Gallery

Awards & Accolades

Catherine Miller Designs custom engraved crystal & glass.

Over the past 40 years, artisan Catherine Miller has honed her skills in the dying art of intaglio crystal engraving.  Her involvement with the arts developed from a love of nature, sparked in her youth when her family moved to ...  

Catherine has been commissioned by various celebrities and officials to create handmade, one of a kind, artistic items for public and private collections throughout the world.

Intrigued by Catherine's skills and processes?

Ready to add an original, one of a kind piece of intaglio art hand crafted by a world renowned artist to your personal or corporate collection?

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Catherine Miller Designs Custom Engraved Crystal & Glass

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